Volume 20- The Final Volume

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Volume 20- The Final Volume


Hello and welcome to the final volume of Elbow Room. I cannot quite believe I just wrote that- the final volume. Years ago I sat in the warmth of my mothers kitchen at the exact table I am sitting at now and bound the very first volume of Elbow Room. The idea was to create something that embraced art in all guises so that poetry and fiction, illustration and painting, music and sculpture could all talk together. I had no idea then quite how far we would go together, that little idea and I. Elbow Room has given me so many gifts it is hard to label them all: it gave me confidence and bravery, a project to grow with, a way to open doors. All that and so much more. The most important gift along this incredible journey has been the people- from all the contributors to the guests at live nights Elbow Room has formed a true community. It has also been instrumental in my meeting a handful of people who have become some of my closest friends.

20 volumes, three special editions and two prizes later the journey is coming to an end. I have loved every publication we have made, and am proud of every event we have hosted. I know this community will support my next adventure, and I look forward to sharing it with them. Much as I look forward to supporting and sharing in everyone else’s adventures. Before all that however, allow me to present Vol.20. I hope you enjoy the work in these pages as much as I do.

Oz Hardwick is a York-based writer, photographer, music journalist, and occasional musician. He has published six poetry collections, most recently The House of Ghosts and Mirrors (Valley Press, 2017), and has edited and coedited several more, including (with Miles Salter) The Valley Press Anthology of Yorkshire Poetry, which was a National Poetry Day recommendation in 2017. On balance, however, he remains most proud of his photographs on the covers of Hawkwind albums.


James Bell - is a native Scot who now lives in Brittany where he contributes photography and non-fiction to an English language journal. He has published two previous poetry collections: the just vanished place and fishing for beginners. His work is about to appear in Multiverse, an anthology of science fiction poetry. Recent work has appeared in: Shearsman, Nine Muses Poetry, Visual Verse, Sarisvati, The Journal and The Projectionist’s Playground. His work has previous appeared in Elbow Room. He is currently at work on his first short story collection.

Bethany Murray is an artist and poet based in North Wales whose, often sculptural works, touch on notions of the sacred, transience and materiality. Bethany has recently published a chapbook with Sampson & Low, entitled “Palm Protector, 2018”, which incorporates sculpture and poetry to explore the palm of a hand following a stroke.


Christy Hall is a Yorkshire-born writer who now lives on the South Coast with his partner Joanna. He has had poems published extensively online and in print on both sides of the Atlantic. His poem ‘Drop Pin’ was used in a literary pamphlet that helped to secure Hull’s bid to become European City of Culture for 2017. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Hull and since then has been running his own business whilst writing poetry and prose in his spare time.

Roger Hare: The last couple of years have been an exciting time for me in finding a more creative expression of life; winning a local poetry award, being published for the first time and displaying photographs in three exhibitions in Norfolk and Worcestershire. My various endeavours are mostly aimed at drawing fresh attention to everyday experience.

Rosie Sherwood is an artist, publisher and scholar. Sherwood founded artists book press As Yet Untitled and is Creative Director of turn the page. Her current project, Mapping in an Ever Moving Now, explores wild places. The first chapter is being created with the support of the Marine Institute at Plymouth University and the South West Coast Path Association.


Stella Wulf lives in South West France. Her work has been widely published both in print and online. Publications include, Obsessed With Pipework, The High Window, Raum, Prole, Ink Sweat & Tears, Smeuse, and many others. Her poems have also appeared in several anthologies including, The Very Best of 52, three drops from a cauldron, and the Clear Poetry Anthology. She has an MA in Creative Writing, from Lancaster University.

Claire Booker lives in Brighton. Her poems have appeared in Ambit, Elbow Room, Magma, Rialto and the Spectator among others. Her debut pamphlet ‘Later There Will Be Postcards’ is available from Green Bottle Press. More at


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