In the comic book the “gutter” is the term given to the space between panels, the little strip of blank paper that acts as the border, the structure upon which the comic book narrative hangs. Comic book creators use the gutter as a way of constructing time, space and movement within the comic. The reader, in willing collaboration with the creators, takes the images either side of the gutter and transforms them into a single idea, projecting time, space, movement and more into the space of the gutter.

It was in exploring the ideas of space as time and time being contained within the gutter that Sherwood created this series of book works. Questioning how and if time might still be read if the content was removed, Sherwood created a series of works in different mediums where all the reader is left with is space. By highlighting the gutter Sherwood created sculptural works that create a new understanding and reading of the comic book page. Likened to the skeleton of the comic these works both memorialise and monumentalise the comic book and comic book time.

These sculptural books show the variety of As Yet Untitled's approach to the book.

In the Gutter - Limited First Edition of 5, Copyright 2013





Rosie Sherwood is an artist, scholar and independent publisher. At the heart of Sherwood’s interdisciplinary practice is a fascination with time and a desire to tell stories. In 2012 Rosie Sherwood founded As Yet Untitled and Elbow Room, successfully crowd funding to expand the publishing company in 2015. Sherwood is the Creative Director of turn the page Artists Book Fair and Symposium. Sherwood graduated from Camberwell College of Art with an MA in Book Arts in 2013. She has delivered conference papers and University lectures across the country. Sherwood has taken part in both group and solo exhibitions as well as artist book and small publishers fairs. Sherwood’s works can be found in special collections including The Poetry Library, Tate Library and Archive and the National Libraries of both Victoria and Queensland (Australia). In 2018 Sherwood began a yearlong aritsts' residency with the Marine Institute at Plymouth University. Her sculpture Akin was selected for the National Sculpture Prize at Broomhhill Sculpture Gardens.