Lost in a Dream

Well, what can I say... Lost in a Dream is out in the world after an exceptional exhibition and week of gigs in London. The book, books really as there are two versions, are real after years of hard work and I am incredibly proud of them. They capture something special about this slice of the London folk scene, and the event in London helped to bring that to life. For those who made it down to The Harrison to support us, thank you! There are videos and a live compilation album mixed by Tom coming soon for everyone to enjoy, I know I plan to listen to it all on repeat when it is ready!

When I asked Tom if he wanted to come and make a book with me I was asking a musician whose music I had fallen in love with. I had no idea where the book would end up or that I would gain a close friend in the process. I would like to thank Tom for saying yes, and for throwing himself into the project the way he did. It was and is an honour and a pleasure to have made this book with him. 

I would also like to echo something Tom said in his email newsletter yesterday, something that is central to the book itself... If the book and event showed me anything it is that music scenes are incredible and fragile things made better and stronger when people come together, work together and support each other. I found myself a part of this amazing music scene in London largely by accident. Elbow Room Live nights gave me the opportunity to invite the talented musicians I kept meeting at gigs to perform. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this scene as a fan and promoter.  The musicians and other promoters welcomed me and Elbow Room onto the scene and the last few years of living and making work in London were made incredibly special by being a part of this world.

Lost in a Dream is a beautiful book with an important message. If you want to know more about it check out the project page HERE and sign up to Toms MAILING LIST to keep up to date with the compilation album.