Elbow Room- contributors speak part four


On a grey day in October 2015, I recreated my wall drawing piece ‘Daylight’ at The Gallery on the Corner as a winner of the inaugural Elbow Room Prize. I still remember the mixed feeling of the pressure and excitement when preparing and executing the line drawing for the Live Night. Although Rosie, Zelda and I painted the piece after the exhibition had ended, it was still there beneath the white paint.

I won the Elbow Room Prize while trying to settle into a different type of life after graduation with both excitement and anxiety. Winning the Elbow Room Prize was a big motif that pushed me into limbo. After that, I focused on painting on paper and had my first solo showcase in the UK at Imperial College the following year. In summer 2016, I ran a site-specific art project called ‘Stand a Little Out of My Sun’ with a co-artist and good friend Kyung Hwa Shon and the support of the Barbican Arts Group Trust. As part of the project, we made an anthology as a reservoir of the process. I was genuinely inspired by Elbow Room to make a humble anthology. Since then, I have participated in various publications, exhibitions, and projects. I was shortlisted for the 2017 Griffin Art Prize, won the 2018 Window Project of the Gazelli Art House and one of my paintings is currently a finalist in the 2018 Ingram Collection’s Purchase Prize. I have mentioned a few of my proudest experiences as I would like to thank Elbow Room for encouraging me to keep myself on track. I believe that Elbow Room is as meaningful for everyone involved. In front of Elbow Room’s glorious end, I would like to thank Rosie, Zelda and all other contributors who have led this amazing journey this far; I believe that we are celebrating the start of something new.