As Yet Untitled is thrilled to announce our next collaborative book.

I’ve been keeping it a secret for months but the time is finally right to reveal that As Yet Untitled is collaborating with musician Tom Hyatt on the creation of our next title. I met Tom years ago and since then he has become something of a regular with As Yet Untitled. He has taken to the Elbow Room stage multiple times and played at the launch of Moonrise. It was at one of these events that I approached him about making a book together. His music is incredible and I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. When I had the idea of collaborating with a musician on the creation of an artists’ book Tom immediately came to mind. His lyrics are so visual and so evocative that I knew anything we made together would be exciting and unusual. So far, even in these very early stages, this project is proving me right.

And so, it is with great joy and pleasure that I announce Lost in a Dream.

After many conversations and much planning between Tom and I we have found ourselves (in true As Yet Untitled fashion and keeping with our ethos to create artists book that go beyond expectations of the book form) spearheading a project that is more than a limited edition book; a project that truly reflects the multifaceted nature and potential of book art, photography and music. Lost in a Dream will celebrate the works of musicians whilst emphasising the transitory nature of their existence, and the scenes in which they operate.

I am truly excited about this project, and Tom and I look forward to sharing details, sneak peaks, and further details with you all as we move forward. For now though, allow me to give you this little offering- Tom Hyatt performing for his live album Live at Spiritual, and a portrait from early practise rolls...

Pentax 6x7 Test 6.jpg