Screen Printing

As some of you know I work as a technician in a secondary school in North London. It’s a wonderful place to work, with fantastic teachers and brilliant students. I was organizing some of the art supply cupboards the other day, going through stock, working out what equipment we have and I found all the tools and materials required to screen print. It’s an amazing resource to have in a school and one I didn’t know how to use.

Didn’t being the key word.

I got permission to go on an introduction to screen-printing course at the London Print Studio to learn how to do it. It was suggested we bring a design or some images with us to print from and while casting around for an idea Ella Chappells book popped into my mind.

We have been discussing visuals, graphics and design recently and I thought I would use this amazing opportunity to experiment with some of our ideas. Wonderfully these ideas lent themselves to learning both key screen-printing techniques: paper stencils and light sensitive emulsion. 

After two days of hard work and a huge amount of fun I have ink under my nails, all the important information I need to introduce screen-printing at my school and an initial idea for the cover of Ella’s book.

I also have an overwhelming desire to return to the London Print Centre again and again. A desire I am going to fulfill.