The Ellentree review by Eleanor Stewart

Earlier this autumn, before the dark mornings and early sunsets, a review of The Ellentree was published in the Book Arts Newsletter.

The review can be found here (on pg.61) for you can read it below...

Review of The Ellentree by Rosie Sherwood written by Eleanor Stewart

Observant visitors to the Turn the Page Artists’ Book Fair in the Forum in Norwich may have spied a curious tree occupying the airy expanse beneath the atrium roof; copper-tendrilled, with a host of bright and fluttering leaves which, on closer inspection, would be revealed as delicate origami cranes. This was the ‘Ellentree’, a mysterious presence at the heart of book artist Rosie Sherwood’s book of the same name. The Ellentree is a short fantasy story told through text and image which follows the enigmatic character Evelyn on his quest to find the tree. The quietly compelling poetry is interwoven with stunning photographs of the ‘Ellentree’ and its vivid leaves in a series of natural landscapes, which seem at once familiar and otherworldly. This duality of vision – of words and image – is explored throughout the book, which raises questions about perception, reality, memory and forms of knowing. There is a shifting, even unsettling, quality to the story; ultimately, no answers are provided to the subjects it raises, indeed, the work does well to resist any easy conclusions by finishing with a question.

As a physical object, the book is beautiful to look at but also to handle. Minute attention has been given to detail; from the subtle variations in the font and the precise weight of the paper to the thoughtful use of blank space and the bright darts of multi-coloured thread which weave through the spine and pages. ‘If “Seeing is Believing” ’ (to quote a line from the book) then The Ellentree certainly warrants more than a glancing look. 

We would like to offer huge thanks to Eleanor for her thoughtful words and for taking the time to review our book.