Thank You!

To our entire community, to the friends, family and strangers who pledged, to everyone who shared, tweeted and told people… Thank You. Truly, deeply, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. As Yet Untitled is my dream, all of it: the book art, the stories, the explorations into narrative construction and the collaborations. Until this weekend they were a far off dream struggling to become a reality. And then you came along, and with generosity beyond my wildest imaginings have invested in that dream.

Zelda, Ella and I are going to have no much fun dreaming without limits, making books without boundaries. That is because of you. As Yet Untitled is going to be able to build a strong foundation and a sustainable future because of you. I cannot wait until next year and the chance to get stuck into creating that future, in making my dream into a reality. I cannot wait to share every step of that journey with you all. So once more, truly, Thank You!