Artist Rosie Sherwood founded As Yet Untitled in 2012, launching the press with the release of Elbow Room Vol. One. From that day As Yet Untitled has grown, morphed and changed shape in both hoped for and entirely unexpected ways.

In the early years as Elbow Room grew of strength-to-strength, As Yet Untitled released a number of books by its founder. These early works explored the structure and visual language of the book comic, from gutter to speech bubbles. But Sherwood had always intended for As Yet Untitled to publish more than her own books and in 2015 she successfully crowd-funded to expand the press. The campaign, aimed at allowing Sherwood to work as a mentor and collaborator in the publication of new artists’ books, was spotlighted by Kickstarter and supported by writer Neil Gaiman.

Following the success of this campaign Sherwood worked with poet Ella Chappell, releasing Moonrise in 2016 before starting out on a two-year collaborative journey with musician Tom Hyatt. These two projects highlighted the strengths and possibilities in collaboration, and brought with them unexpected pleasures and new ideas. In 2018 Sherwood and Hyatt released Lost in A Dream. A book and far more than a book, Lost in a Dream included a weeklong exhibition with nightly live music, followed up in early 2019 with the release of a live compilation album.

Events had been part of the As Yet Untitled program since the very first Elbow Room Live, and Lost in a Dream cemented the joy and satisfaction of bringing the book alive beyond its pages. Book art uses everything at its disposal to create meaning, from form and structure to paper and binding. Elbow Room, Moonrise, The Ellentree, Lost in a Dream, all came alive somewhere between the live event and the book.

An era came to a close with the end of Elbow Room in 2018. When Elbow Room launched it was with a limited print run of 15 copies and the idea of bringing together art of all guises. When it ended it had brought together a community of extraordinary artists, writers and musicians who allowed Elbow Room to share their work with the world.

Though the final Elbow Room Live night was tinged with sadness, it was also bright with the potential. It was time for As Yet Untitled to change shape once more. A shape that reflects where the press has come from and all the things we have learnt and loved along the way. With much thought and care this new shape became clearer, and clearer. And so, without further ado…

As Yet Untitled specialises in limited edition, hand made book art and live events that bring the pages of the book alive, finding new ways to express meaning and explore what books can be. The book and beyond…


Work by As Yet Untitled have been part of exhibitions, travelled to book fairs across the country and are housed in national and international collection including The British Library, Tate Library and Archive, The Poetry Library and the state libraries of Queensland and Victoria (Australia).

Book Fairs

As Yet Untitled has tabled at various book fairs across the country including Turn the Page Artists Book Fair, Norwich and the Small Publishers Fair, London.

  • Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, London, November 2014-2017

  • BALTIC Artists Book Fair, Blatic Gallery, Newcastle, 2017

  • Pages, International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair, Leeds, 2015-2017

  • Counter, Plymouth, October 2015, October 2016

  • Thought Bubble Comic Convention, Leeds, November 2014

  • Manchester Artists Book Fair, Holden Gallery, Manchester, October 2013


Work from As Yet Untitled has been included in multiple exhibitions including a solo show the bookartbookshop and group exhibit at the Milton Gallery in the spring of 2014.

  • By Other Means (group show), By Other Means Gallery, London December 2016

  • The Ellentree at Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, London, November 2016

  • The Ellentree at Turn the Page, Norwich, June 2016

  • The End of the Poem: The 7th Poetry Library Open Day, Southbank Centre, November 2015

  • A Letter in Mind, The National Brain Appeal, Oxo Gallery, London, October 2015

  • Off the Shelf, I’klektik, Old Paradise Yeard, London, May/June 2015

  • Art in a Bookshell, Milton Gallery, St Pauls School, London, March 2014

  • In the Gutter, Book Art Book Shop, London, Solo Show, October 2014

  • Sheffield International Artists’ Book Prize, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, 2013 and 2015

  • In-Folds Reading Raft, Deptford X Festival, Deptford Library, London, September/October 2013

  • M.A. Select Showcase, Camberwell Space, London, 4th-13th September 2013

  • In-Folds, Camberwell College of Art, London, 4th-13th September 2013

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